Monday, December 20, 2010

Forking Tasty Supper Club in a Box

Forking Tasty Supper Club in a Box
I am a scrooge this Christmas, but if I were to shell out my hard earned cash for some supper club fanatic friend, it would be this. What a great idea! Supper Clubs are hard to get into, especially the good ones, so Forking Tasty is giving you the opportunity to have a DIY Supper Club. It all comes in this adorable box:
What you get:
10 gourmet cookies
10 menu/place cards
6 recipe cards
1 shopping list outlining the ingredients needed for the meal
1 pre-holiday movie short with a hidden holiday trivia game
10 clothes pins for assembly of the place cards
(Note: Food not included)
What you add:
Friends and family
Your magic touch
The food

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