Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wow, I suck! But Nonna in a shark mask surely does not!

Hi. I suck. And I have a really bad haircut. I have been thinking about retiring this blog because of how sucky I have been. But I can't because when I create visual masterpieces like Nonna Wearing a Shark Mask, 2011, I need a place to show it to the world. This photo is part of a series of photos I have been playing around with using this amazing shark mask I bought in Philly.
I have been making pretty simple and not-so-blog-worthy food now that I have moved to Greenpoint. Cheese. Bread. Greens. Meat. And I have been eating out way too much. My apartment's proximity to Five Leaves leaves me with about five bucks in my wallet at the end of the month. But the homemade ricotta there is so amazing. And the wild boar ragu! And, and, and...
When I miss my Sicilian American heritage I take a walk along Graham Ave in Williamsburg. There are always little old Nonna's going to get their hair did. And I can buy the best fresh homemade ricotta from Graham Meats and Deli. I always head over to Cafe Capri for the best cappuccino in town and some friendly conversation from Joe, who is kind of hot for an old man. You know how I feel about old men. And for a truly demented experience, Jerry Ragusa, the headstone shop owner, sells "the best bread above ground." His cousin from Bayridge drops it off each morning. Guidonics translation: "Iz guzzin from Bayridge drobs it awf erry mawnin." 
While trying to recreate the fantastic Five Leaves Ricotta, which is topped with honey, figs and some fresh thyme, you need chestnut honey, but aside from the $10 jar from Whole Foods, its nowhere to be found in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. 
I am going to visit Nonna today in the old neighborhood and I know just where to get it. Don't be jealous. I am sure Nonna will give me some ridiculous content for this blog.
So I won't be retiring it just yet. And I think we agree, unless I am making meatballs or riceballs, anything that ends in balls, you read this for the family stories involving Sicilian psychosis. Its resurfacing so stay tuned. Nonna sounded on fire when I called her this morning.