Wednesday, September 8, 2010


   It is nothing short of complete blasphemy to buy rice balls out of the freezer section at Trader Joe's, but when I picked up the box, Rocco assured me, "that the shit." Rocco learned a lot of slang from us Queen's kids, and he just can't shake it. I was skeptical, especially since in Rocco's eyes Trader Joe's can do no wrong, but had to try them.
    It could be that it was 3am when I decided to test these Arancini Bites that made them so delectable, or maybe it was my expert preparation.
Anything from a package tastes good baked rather than nuked. Duh. But after I baked these they were rather dry, so I gave them a quick nuking to soften them up. They became the perfect crispy on the outside and nice and gooey fontina cheesy on the inside. They needed a sauce, and I had some red sauce in the fridge. Perfect. They had nice flavor and didn't taste like they came out of a box. A perfect 3am snack. In no way do they compare to Nonna's Sicilian homemade recipe, but they don't give arancini a bad name.


Rocco Galatioto said...

I told you so. However, your mother the self proclaimed gourmet, does not like them. I think that they are the shit! They are also so convenient>

Lou said...

I haven't had any better in any restaurant. They are awesome!

Lou said...

They are the best! Haven't had any better in any restaurant.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see your comments. I just bought these for a party I'm having later this week and I've never tried them. I made a red pepper couli to serve with them. I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks.