Wednesday, October 6, 2010


    So this blog is called Morta Di Fame, which means dying of hunger, but I never meant for it to actually die, so hold tight because its not dead yet. Before I resume my writing here, I have one single person to blame for my shameful neglect of this blog, not to mention my complete loss of mental stability, and if thats not bad I now have to wear a diaper! Thanks Joann!
    It all started on one innocent August evening. I had my water balloon birthday in July, but Joann forgot about it (thanks!) and invited me over for a "BIZ meeting/plan to take over the world dinner" to discuss a water balloon block party in Brooklyn to raise money for GOS. WTF is GOS? I didn't know at that point. I was going there to talk BIZ about a completely different "take over the world" project called the Brooklyn Cook Book Project. I didn't know that Joann's plan was to suck me in and take over my life. Good work, Joann. You succeeded.
    So Joann is basically the mayor of Greenpoint. They probably have another Polish mayor, but Joann is a little rusty on her Polish. She runs the Greenpoint Food Market, which was the best place to find awesome homemade foodie goods in NY, but it got harshly and suddenly shut down. Thats a story for another post. And she single handedly organized the Greenpoint Open Studios (GOS) last year, when all the artist's in Greenpoint open up their studios to the public. Its super fun and Joann knew that dangling a water balloon fight in front of my face was all she needed to get me on board to help her organize the GOS.
    "I'm off to Sicily. I probably won't have much time to help plan the water balloon fight and probably can't do much for GOS, since I live in Queens," I said to Joann.
    "Blah blah blah blah, I will be your slave for the next two months and dedicate all of my free time to making the GOS happen," is what she heard.
    This conversation over a delicious dinner, which I will take full credit for bringing ALL the ingredients and preparing with the help of Martin and after all that we cleaned the whole place up! Joann sure knows how to find us suckers!
    I don't invite myself over for dinner and come empty handed. I even brought over a fancy menu, titled "BIZ MEETING DINNER":
Peach Boats (a peach halved, filled with bleu cheese, topped with an almond and drizzled with balsamic creme)
Summer Squash Pasta with a side of Balsamic Glazed Mission Fig and Roasted Beat Salad over Arugula
Dark Chocolate Chevre Bites (dark chocolate, goat chevre topped with cinnamon sugar and hot chili flakes)
     Dinner was a success. The GOS was a major success. Morta Di Fame is limping but still alive. And my brain is in shambles because I am now moving to Greenpoint by the end of the month to be closer to my slave driver Joann, who would only let me get sick for three hours last month or threatened to fire me, and I have no time to even go to the bathroom so thank God for Depends!



Anonymous said...


Keep it up, I love reading your blog! Makes me wish I lived in NYC!


Joann Kim said...

Jen! I love you. You are ME except Italian plus a bodacious behind. I can't thank you enough for all you've done for GOS which totally wiped both of us out. We are officially neurotic psychopath event organizers and trust me, you will be addicted to this frenzy and trust me, I will never ever let you leave. You're stuck with me forever!! HA HA HA HA HA