Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reblogging and replating...I stole this.

While on tumblr, a member shamelessly proclaimed herself a "reblogger." She admitted that none of the images on her blog are hers, which is fair enough, afterall that is what tumblr is, a place to collect and spread eye candy. Who doesn't love eye candy? At least credit is given where credit it due.
Its reminds me of replating a meal, a term I first heard when I worked for Mr. Marc Ecko, who is also the first person I heard use the term "foodie," and since the term foodie leaves a bad taste in my mouth. 
The office of Marc Ecko on 23rd St in the flat iron over the giant Home Depot was a bazillion square foot maze of some of the most expensive and under utilized Manhattan Real Estate. I remember walking around the office, sometimes getting completely lost, and saying to myself, this is what is going to put this company out of business. Ahem. We had a full bar with a pool table that we would use once a year for our holiday party. That was a funny feeling, stumbling down after too many cocktails and being totally drunk in my photo studio, at work! My photo studio had at least 25 feet high ceiling with floor to ceiling windows looking onto an atrium where I could see down to shoppers zipping up and down the escalators in Home Depot. To my right I could look into Marc's office that had the same atrium view. The lavish duplex was designed like a gentlemen's club, dark wood, spiral staircase, walls of books, a basketball court, and the sickest kitchen. We were all convinced his goal was to get onto MTV Cribs. 
Since I worked in such close proximity to his office, I naturally became friendly with his assistant, who naturally used to tell us all the goings on in his office. No hanky panky, Marc was a decent married man, plus there was no way to hide anything from inside that giant fishbowl. 
One of her responsibilities when Marc was having a client over for lunch was to go out to the fanciest pants of restaurants and order a whole bunch of take-out. Then before the client arrive, Marc would replate it (or rather she would) and he served it as if he prepared it for them right there in that fancy kitchen! 
At least rebloggers don't take credit for work that isn't theirs. And this is why I hate the term, "foodie." 

That being said I am going to shamelessly reblog a list of restaurants to try in 2011 from Laptop Chronicles. This list was so clutch last year. You know that feeling? You are with a group of people, everyone is hungry and no one has any suggestions. "I don't know where to eat. You pick." Well I would whip out this handy list from laptop chronicles, organized by neighborhood and borough, and I was the hero!

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