Monday, January 3, 2011

Save the Date 1/9! Sunday "Sicilian" Supper at Veronica People's...

My Morta Di Fame people! Join me this Sunday 1/9 for a twist on a traditional Sicilian Sunday Supper as part of the weekly dinner series curated by Jeremy Parker at Veronica People's Club, with guest "chef" ... wait for it ... me!? We need to come up with a better term than chef. You know I am NOT a chef, but I can fry the shit out of things and I do know my Sicilian food goodness. How about guest food loving lunatic? With Jeremy's expert kitchen chops, you won't want to miss this one. We are menu planning up a storm this week and I promise to fill your bellies and give you a food orgasm or multiples for only $20, and that includes dessert and a fancy cocktail to boot! Plus, there will be some post-grub partying and dancing to enjoy for those of you who show up after all the food is demolished. And it will be demolished!
Jeremy has kicked ass for the last two dinners he curated.

The first menu featured a Grafton Cheddar Meatloaf sandwich served on a Toasted Brioche Balthazar Bun with Roasted Parsnip Fries, Cranberry Relish, Horseradish Mustard and Fresh Pea Shoots. Gagagagaga!!! (Thats the sound I make when I drool). Pink Tibetan Salted Caramel Petite Pears for dessert and Maura McThrill shook everything up with a HOT HOT TODDY! That night, I was coming from the Greenpoint Girls Group Thanksgiving Potluck, so I was mightily full but was able to still scarf the delicious sammy and still have room for dessert! Jeremy really knows how to take the most simple hearty dishes and seriously hook them up with new takes on classics flavors. And there are always vegan veggie options, so don't let the meat scare you!

His next dinner was superbly divinely extraordinarily delicious. Inspired by his recent travels to South East Asia, Jeremy prepared a Lemongrass Soup with Sticky Rice Dumplings paired with a Homemade Brussels Sprouts Kim Chee, Fresh Herbs and yummy Shrimp and Rice crackers. It was the perfect meal for the rainy cold weather. The soup was gloriously seasoned and the Kim Chee was so kick ass fresh with a nice punch of garlic that any cold or flu would never have stood a chance. The rice balls were so mind blowing. They were fried first, so when they hit the broth they were a little crunchy and ooey gooey soft on the inside, the perfect vehicle for sopping up beefy deliciousness. He appropriately paired it with a Tiger Beer. For dessert (this is where food transcendence occurred) he made a Banana Green Tea Pudding. Matcha baby! I ate all of mine and all of Scott's, too. Easily.
So stay tuned for the menu for this Sunday to be posted later in the week! I am so so excited to collaborate with Jeremy on this. Aside from being an amazing person, an awesome friend, a hot ass, a talented artist, and a great chef, he has a super duper crazy creative brain and can take the most familiar of things and spin them into something truly out of this world amazing. You are always left with, how did his noggin come up with that? Let's see how he can take old school Sicilian peasant food and work it into something crazy! (Well crazier.) As you know anything Sicilian is automatically crazy.

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