Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh Wafa! You bring tears to my eyes...

A few years back when Wafa opened her itty bitty shop in Forest Hills, Queens, I was there. She was 4 days into it and I curiously walked into some of the most delicious, satisfying and nutritious food of my life, and met Wafa, one of the warmest loveliest people I've ever met. I wrote a huge story about her new place, obviously raving about all of her delicious home cooked dishes.
It was a matter of time before it became a legendary Mediterranean food temple.
Serious Eats, Village Voice, Chow Hound, New York Mag have all raved about Wafa's.
Marcy recently told me Wafa moved, closer, and into a bigger space.
With grapes leaves on my brain I went to a local spot in my new hood, hoping to find a place only a thirty second walk away that would be as good as Wafa's. The interiors were cozy and the owners were friendly. My first sip of rosewater was delightful. I wanted it to be so good. 
Wafa is a tough act to follow. Disappointed and saddened that I couldn't write a positive review about the place on my new blog (so I opted to not write a review) I took a trip to Queens and enjoyed dinner at Wafa's new place that had the same perfect flavors as before. I was so proud. I did like how the old location had a glass case to preview all the goodies but she expanded her menu and has fried cauliflower on it! And of course, the baklava was out of this world, eat the whole container amazing!
I told her how the other place was of no comparison to hers.
"Its not Mama Wafa's!" she said and gave me a huge hug in her new huge kitchen.
I had a hard time not ordering everything on the menu and I took a big goody bag back to Brooklyn. 
What a nice place to enjoy when I go back home.

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