Saturday, May 23, 2009


     One of my all time favorite lunch spots in Queens is Wafa's Mediterranean Kitchen. When you walk into the warm inviting shop right off of Metropolitan Ave in Forest Hills, you literally walk into a kitchen with a tiny dining area and you feel right at home. Wafa, who is the owner and authentic Lebanese chef could not be more friendly, gracious and accommodating. She opened up the shop within the past year, but from the flavors you can tell she has been making these dishes for a long time. Wafa came to the United States thirty years ago and has been cooking these delicious dishes she learned from growing up in her mother's kitchen for just as long. Finally, convinced by her friends whom she had been cooking for all that time who saw her potential and promised their support, she opened up her own shop right in her own neighborhood. Everyone who walks in is a friend, and Wafa knows everyone by name. Every time we sit at the windows eating our lunch, there is always a friendly face walking by waving in to Wafa. 
     Everything is so irresistably good at Wafa's from the Hummus to the Rosewater Baklava. I have tried just about everything on the menu. Today I got the Lamb Shawerma, which is fragrantly spiced lamb in a pita, with hummus, pickled vegetables, lettuce and tomatoes. I can never go to Wafa's without having a side of her Mousabaha, a flavorful eggplant stew, with chickpeas, garlic and pomegranate juice. I always look forward to what Mike orders because its just more for me to eat. 
     He ordered the Chicken Shawerma served with Rice and Lentils. Other favorite dishes are a special of Tilapia marinated in a garlic cilantro pistachio sauce, the meat pies, the spinach pies and the cheese pies. The split pea soup is really warm and hearty and the falafel is some of the best in the whole city. And we have never left without having the Baklava or taking some home because we are usually stuffed in a good way. Wafa's Baklava is like no other I have ever had. Its a crunchy yet smooth walnut Baklava flavored with rosewater and orange blossom. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Today we double-desserted and got Wafa's rice pudding, also with rose water and orange blossom and it was delightful. I always leave Wafa's with a smile on my face and a satisfied feeling in my belly, like I just ate a home cooked meal. And thats because I did. 
96-08 72nd Ave
Forest Hills, NY 11375
(718) 263-2757

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