Tuesday, May 19, 2009


When my dad comes over he forgets his belongings, like keys, glasses, etc. Yesterday when we were making the fava pasta he forgot an entire loaf of rustic Italian bread. I was going to make plain old toast this morning but Mike came up with the idea of making french toast. Mike is a bread battering expert. He gets it from his dad, Robert who always makes us delicious french toast and omelets when we visit Mike's parents in New Jersey. Mike was full of compromise this morning and used soy milk in the batter and even some cinnamon. For the syrup, I segmented an orange and reduced it with some sake, honey, brown sugar, a tiny bit of vanilla and plain old Aunt Jemima Syrup to thicken it. I would have used Pure Maple but we were all out. The subtle orange flavor mingling with sake took it from plain country french toast to something I would imagine getting at an exotic bed and breakfast or at a fancy brunch. And we made it right at home in our pajamas with ingredients from our own cupboards. Next time I will use some nutmeg in the batter, and maybe a grapefruit or a blood orange and some orange liquor in the sauce. 

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