Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crepe Cake from Ceramic Canvas

While drooling over food photos as Food Gawker I came across a unique Crepe Cake with Chocolate Meringue Frosting from Ceramic Canvas. I definitely want to make this. Its looks like chocolate marble and seems like it would be really dense and rich from all those buttery crepe and chocolate layers. An impressive cake to bring to a party. Mmmmm. 

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kathyb said...

For a quick dessert to impress people...I've made buckwheat crepes...then stack them with nutella inbetween. If you make them about the size of a springform pan that you can layer them up high in there, then put a upsidedown plate on top with a couple of cans to weigh it all down. place in fridge to set for an hour or so. then slap a little whipped cream and fruit..and voila! i've put bananas in a couple of the layers too.