Friday, May 22, 2009


I was perusing through an awesome thrift shop on 12th St called the Cure Thrift Shop to support childhood diabetes and I found these three awesome old cookbooks. Simple Cooking for the Epicure is from 1948, Julia Child & Company and the Pillsbury Bake Off Desert Cook Book are both from 1978. The food photography inside is truly inspiring and a lot of fun! I will definitely be sampling some old fashioned recipes from all three of these books. Some interesting recipes in Simple Cooking for the Epicure by Jean Hamilton Campbell and Gloria Kameran are: Caucasian Rice, Armenian Dolma, Cheese Dreams and a Lazy Daisy Cake.

From the Pillsbury Bake Off Dessert 
Cook Book I would like to try: Spicey Pear Fiesta (upside-down) Cake, Sugarplum Cake and the Blueberry Boy Bait.

The legendary Julia Child make some complicated dishes, but there are step by step instructions with photos throughout the book plus all of Julia's lovable quotations like, "Without peanuts, it isn't a cocktail party," and "What to do about conversation you can't bear to miss? Cook at the table of course..." As a child watching her show on Channel 13, we never had cable, I remember her saying once, "Never apologize for anything your cook," and I always remember that phrase when I am unsure about how a cake turned out, or worried the sauce is too salty. I look around at my guests and think that I just made all of these people a meal so I shouldn't be sorry about nor should I make them think something is wrong even before they try it. 

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