Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who you callin' a cavone?

Sicilians are very serious about their food and get very anxious at food functions when the food situation is not going according to their expectations. For example, they get worried if they think there will not be enough food at a event and if there is not a feast served they take serious offense. One year in Sicily an aunt invited my family to a get together. In Sicily when someone invites you to their house, you expect to come with an empty stomach and leave very full. This aunt who will remain nameless served potato chips and cheese doodles. To this day my father still recounts this story with such indignation, as if she just stood up in front of everyone and slapped him in the face. This happened well over 10 years ago and he still remembers the shock and hunger he experienced that day.

Here is a link to a funny food related post from Sicilianculture.com. Titled "Sicilian Culture: Table Manners Part II," it discusses rude buffet patrons calling them hilarious things like "cavones or low class slobs." 

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