Thursday, May 14, 2009


       My favorite drink of all time hands down: Manhattan Special. For those of you not fortunate enough not to have experienced this exhilarating drink, its expresso soda. The best of both worlds. A perfectly sweetened not-bitter espresso with the right amount of fizz. They should call it Middle Village Special because every store in my neighborhood in Queens carries this superb beverage, but that just doesn't sound as good.
        While finding a spot on Eliot Ave to get a sandwich at the famous Andy' Deli, an  amazing old fashioned German-style deli, I saw two men crossing the street wearing Manhattan Special T-Shirts. I literally jumped out of the car and followed them across the street to their Manhattan Special Van! I thought I was hallucinating.
         It got even better, I met Louis, who is none other than the owner of Manhattan Special. What a day for me and what an honor to meet the man responsible for creating the best drink ever that I can always rely on when I need a sweet pick-me-up. I almost bowed down in honor. 
      Louis invited me to the plant in Greenpoint, where he brews Manhattan Special with his own two hands. He even agreed to let me feature him and his amazing business right here on Morta Di Fame. I won't be able to see the secret behind the scenes operations, which is understandable but he did agree to let me take some photos of the equipment and he was a little coy about his own portraits, but I am going to do my best to charm him into letting me take a few. Afterall, Louis is a true hometown hero. Stay tuned for my visit to the plant!
         In the meantime, visit Manhattan Special's Website. There's a great video on there about the history of the company, plus a store locator, and if there's not a store in your area you can order it to be shipped to you. 

Sorry for this crappy iphone photo.

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Eat It Brooklyn said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment on baby Fried Artichokes. Just looked at your blog - it's great! As an Italian (half), I'm immediately taken. And yes, Manhattan Special is the best!