Friday, May 1, 2009

Is there any bread?

Mike and I finally moved! We have such a nice new apartment with an amazing kitchen and I cannot wait to get in there and start cooking. In the meantime we are living in a mess of boxes and have to order in. Tonight we ordered from Joe Abbracciamento's the go-to restaurant for all Middle Village family events. I had my Sweet 16 and my college graduation parties there where they serve amazing Italian American dishes "family style," meaning you roll out of there feeling like a blimp. Its on the more expensive side so we tried to keep it simple, a "bowl" of Penne Vodka, a "bowl" of Pasta Fagole soup and a "side" of broccoli. Oh and don't forget about the bread. So I go to pick it up, and first off its not in a bag, its in a box. When I open the box, there is a catering style tray of pasta, along with a vat of broccoli sauteed in about 5 heads of garlic, a tub of soup and 2 loaves of bread. So Mike and I drove to the Juniper park and had a romantic dinner out of the giant box. As Mike was shoveling pasta in his mouth, he turned to me and asked me, "Is there any bread?" and I almost spit the entire head of broccoli that I was eating out of my mouth. Anyone eating a tray of pasta really has no place asking for bread. He doesn't understand why he feels sick now.

Sorry for the crappy iphone photos.


Rocco Galatioto said...

Dearest Jen,
I'm wriing from Genova, Italy where I just finished a dish of pasta con l'aglio or in Sicilian: pasta ccu l'agghia. Use a pestel and mortar; use coarse sea salt as the base and place two or more cloves of garlic and crush away. Add oil - as you know, by oil I mean extra vergin olive oil as if there were any other kind - basil and peeled and seeded fresh tomatoes. Mix, let stand and then toss on the hot draided, al dente pasta. Sprinkle a good pecorino on top and "voila," a great dish that will always secure you a seat on he subway.
Now it saddens me that Mike asks for bread when eating pasta. Hard habits never die. I find this a culural offense and have told him so. What can you do.

Jennifer Galatioto said...

I will make sure to let him know!