Thursday, April 30, 2009


I used to "eat" public school lunch. Anything that had a bun like a hot dog, hamburger, bologna sandwich,  would have its contents removed and be replaced with catsup. I would scoop out the chopped meat from the jamaica beef patties but eat the crispy yellow shells. Looking back I was a young vegetarian since the school mystery meat was questionable, except for the meat ravioli which was always divine. 

Once in a while my dad packed me a plastic bag lunch and my favorite was broccoli rabe sandwiches. I love broccoli. Every kind of broccoli. Nonna calls me a "Broccolina." 

When Miguel and I were working on University Place we noticed a small hole in the wall sandwich shop called, Num Pang, which only opened up five weeks ago.

From the looks of the shop I was not impressed, until I checked out the menu and saw the Roasted Cauliflower Sanwhich. What?!?! Was I dreaming?
From the taste of it, I was. The roasted cauliflower was sweet and peppery. The soy mayo had the perfect amount of spicy heat. The generous garnish of crunchy fragrant cilantro (I was getting mouthfuls) was refreshing. And the fresh bun, chewy on the outside and soft in the middle was a perfectly size container for this amazing but sloppy in a good way Cauliflower Sandwich. 

There were a lot of other very interesting meat options on the menu. 

Miguel got the sirloin.

Their policy of no exemptions or substitutions was strictly enforced. I asked for the corn on the cob with mayo and coconut flakes to be cut in half. The server said, "I can't do that." I respect that. With the long line that formed after we ordered, home girl doesn't have time to be chopping up corn. She was projecting that they had great sandwiches, "and what?" And she served up a seriously delicious sandwich, which left me feeling satisfied, not salt bloated or too full, and the flavor left me craving another one.

I held off and good thing I did because after our photo job Van Leeuwen's Ice Cream Truck, serving "artisan" ice cream was waiting outside for us! (University & 12th St, NYC) It was one of those 90 degree April nights and perfect for ice cream. My gut said go for the ginger ice cream, but my brain thought it would be too sweet. The lovely server gave me a sample. AMAZING! So creamy and ginger flavored and not too sweet. She also told us about "taster and runners," people who try all the flavors then don't buy anything. Times are tough I guess. But the price and flavors at Van Leeuwen's were just right. And by eating delicious ice cream you are helping gorillas because they donate 1% of their profit to help protect endangered species. 

Miguel got a hazelnut and chocolate double scoop. 

Hand and Ice Cream Model: Miguel Rodriguez

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