Friday, April 24, 2009


The talented Chef Anne of the 18th Restaurant takes a few moments to tell us more about herself and her wonderful Bubble culinary creations...

M:Where are you originally from? 
M:Where do you live now?
M:How did you get into cooking? 
A:was born in a pot
M:How would you describe your cooking style in a few words? 
A:mama's food with a garden at the back door
M:Are you vegan, vegetarian, etc, etc? 
A:i eat it all , in moderation, life is so precious
M:What is your dog's name? 
A:amarok is a wolf
M:Who is your biggest influence? 
A:mother nature
M:What is your favorite dish? 
A:mediteranean sea urchin, but i'm going kosher, so the memory is wonderful
M:What food do you hate most? What foods makes you cringe? 
A:anything processed or abused in it's growth
M:Do own or plan on opening a restaurant? 
A:the 18th is one, another one perhaps, just got an new idea 
M:How did you like cooking inside the bubble? 
A:i was sooo happy
M:How often do you work on events like this? 
A:well, the 18th is monthly, then the caterings are great too. and there is always something to cook for
M:Do you do any other type of art/creative? non stop

Anne also shared the ingredients that went into her fabulous dishes in the Bubble...
Bread: three different local flours salt yeast purified water
Detox Pesto: olive oil, almonds and mustard greens, bit of lemon and apple cider vinegar, salt
Endive Boat with Catfish: raw egg yolk, yukon gold, smoked paprika, stewed catfish and onions and apple
Polenta Beads with hearty vegetable stew: local corn meal, rosemary, olive oil, garlic.... fresh chick peas, and local zucchinis, shallots and salt
Bone Broth: local black angus marrow bones, parnips and carrots and radish, thyme, bay leaves whole peppercorns
Veggie Broth: carrots, potato, turnip, radishes
Il Flotante coconut meringues: organic local eggs, coco water and raw fairtrade sugar 
Apple Pie: local apples, dried raisins, oatmeal and flour, organic butter and sugar


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