Saturday, April 18, 2009


"Morta di fame" is a hilarious phrase, especially when my father Rocco (above) says it in his perfectly crazy Sicilian accent. It literally means you're dying of hunger, but is used as an insult for someone who would do anything for money. 
This blog is a mash up of multicultural dishes, inspired by my family traditions and from growing up in Queens, NY, a place with some of the most ethnically diverse palettes in the universe.
As a child my father would proudly feed me pasta with sardines, broccoli rabe, mussels and any other food by which most kids would be horrified. Children are described as having their father's eyes, but my Dad still says that I have his stomach. Not in appearance, thank God!

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Rocco said...

My love, I'm glad you do not have my appearence. But, my stomach, ha, that is is something else.
In Sicilian I say ub mortu di fami when I see a poor slob. Unfurtunately, I say that to all those who go on diets. A diet is not a word in my lexicon. Another Sicilian expression that appears in other Italian langoages is mangia e fatti grossu. EAT AND GET FAT. Che bella vita.