Monday, April 20, 2009


Last night I attended a dinner party inside Raumlabor's Spacebuster Bubble, presented by The Storefront for Art & Architecture at the Old American Can Factory on the Gowanus Canal.

Jeremy Pumpsta (above) and Maura McThrill hosted the party which served a delicious pre-fix menu by Chef Anne Apparu's (below) 18th Restaurant along with a Signature Cocktail by mixologist Maura McThrill.

Favorites on the menu incuded an Endive Boat filled with a sweet creamy catfish filling, a hearty vegetable stew of garbanzo beans and zucchini on bed of polenta, and I had two helpings each of the crispy Apple Pie and the Il Flotante, a meringue island floating in a coconut caramel moat.

Other unique dishes were a potent Detox Pesto on local hearty bread and two soup options, a warming Bone Broth or a vegetarian Veggie Broth. 

Chef Anne graciously plated and served each dish herself and the short line kept the energy and conversation moving around the bubble between each course.

The vibe of the party was set by mixologist Maura's (above) spicy and refreshing signature cocktail that she appropriately named the Drooling Smile, a perfectly mixed rum-based drink of Vita Coco coconut water, aloe, and thai chili peppers. 

Music by DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin (above) completed the magical atmosphere of the bubble.

Flyer: Fish McGill. See more from this series called "Bizarre Bubble Party." 


Joe G said...

Remember what they say in sicily: "you can't trust a man who does not have a stomach". Great blog. Im going to add you to my blog roll. I also have a ridiculous recipe I at created for amazing salsa. Its not the crap they sell at stores but the kind they make at good mexican restaurants. I also can do a special feature on great restaurants that I eat at since Im such a bourgeois "foodie". Any way this is very cool. Keep doing it. Love JOE G.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog and good for you for doing it! When you were talking about Chef Maura's "pre-fix" menu, did you mean prix-fixe, fixed price? They're pronounced the same way, but have different meanings.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant Chef Anne's menu (comment above).

Jennifer Galatioto said...

It was both. The menu was set and the price was set, $27. Thanks for commenting!