Thursday, May 7, 2009


(Romulus and Remus, the first Morta Di Fame)

The spanish version of Morta Di Fame is very similar to the Italian. Its Muerta Di Fame. It means the same thing, dying of hunger, and is equally as insulting. After the Greek Shower I found out that in Greek its Pethani Tis Pinas, but is meant literally and isn't offensive. I will assume that since Italian and Spanish are romance languages that the Romans were judgmental towards as Rocco calls them, "poor slobs." Funny since the first Romans, Romulus and Remus are the first Morti Di Fame. The twin bastard's of Mars were so hungry that they nursed from a she-wolf and were fed by a woodpecker under a fig tree after floating helplessly down the Tiber River. Does anyone know French, Portuguese, and Romanian? I need to lock this phrase down in all the Romance Languages...   

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