Thursday, November 17, 2011


I am taking a class tonight at Flux Factory in LIC to learn how to interview like a journalist since I am now working on Greenpointers. We were assigned homework which is to read interviews. I have been thinking about monogamy lately and this is an interesting take on it from one of the interviews:

"Why monogamy? Listen, you have to negotiate those things in a relationship. I wouldn’t choose monogamy. But it’s what she wants and, frankly, I get things in exchange for sacrificing certain things. So that’s why most people choose monogamy: because it’s worth it. She's a phenomenal person because she puts up with everything that I could possibly throw at her and she’s un-phased by any of the costume work [and] the bouncy rides. She was with me throughout all of that taxidermy stuff, you know? She would come over to my house and I would have rotting dog and submersion rubbing alcohol in the closet and she would say, "This is weird, but okay. I’m getting used to the smell." So she has paid her dues when it comes to me. " - Nate Hill

Here is the full interview posted by my teacher Pauline Peechin


pizzacommander said...

Check out Fog of War or anything directed by Erol Morris- that guy knows how to interview like no one else!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you're back to writing. Keep it up!

The Javelina Bomb said...

Look up music interviews, (like indie bands, not Rolling Stone or whatever). They usually like whomever they interview so there's very little monsterism.