Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It has become an annual tradition that right before Christmas, Mommy (Marcy) and I do some jewelry shopping at the Young Designer's Market in Soho, then do a proper girl's lunch. The Young Designer's Market is a really cool place to find unique handmade and well priced jewelry and other accessories. We always pick out each other's Christmas presents there. This year we found this hilarious tee shirt company called Wooster Street Meats that is so up Morta Di Fame's alley.
David, owner and designer, grew up in New Haven Connecticut and named the company after Wooster Street where you can go to get a nice big mozarella and provolone sammy. As a kid his nickname was "Prosciutto" and one day he made a t-shirt with Prosciutto written on it and everyone asked him where he got the shirt, so he decided to design a whole line with Italian American goodies, like Cannoli (and Lil' Cannoli for baby), Soppressata, Brasciole, Mortadella and even Sfogliatelle. Marcy was making fun of these two waspy ladies who asked him what a cannoli is. "Who doesn't know what a cannoli is?" Marcy is fresh. I really need to keep her in line when we go out.
His color ways are great and the tees are super soft. And he wraps the tees in paper like a hero! These make great gifts. I am sorry I should have given you a heads up before the holidays, but I didn't want to ruin my stocking stuffers!
After we shopped like maniacs we had a delicious lunch at this great place on Prince Street called The Kitchen Club. With a cute old french bulldog mascot this place has a great vibe with bright yellow walls adorned with some of the coolest NYC fashion and street photographs from the 60s and 70s. And, they serve the best dumplings. The owner is called the dumpling diva. We get the sampler, which has mushroom, shrimp and pumpkin dumplings, plus seared tuna and salmon tartar. I was so sad to learn that right after we dined there, the restaurant closed due to high operating costs. What a shame, The Kitchen Club has been there forever. I hope she opens again somewhere soon.
A new component of our mother-daughter day activities is we go to the Greenpoint Food Market and sample all of the local goodies Brooklynites are dishing up. I picked up a whole bunch of yummies like Vegan Faux Gras from The Regal Vegan, which is a vegan food delivery service. The faux gras was so delicious even though my friend Paul said it looks like cat food.
Morta Di Fame is going to have a table at the Greenpoint Food Market on February 13th, and I am going to sell homemade panelle sandwiches, which are vegan, right next to Melissa Love, our favorite vegan pastry chef/Sicilian broad! Please come.


Paulie Gee said...

Can I bring ricotta to add to the Panelle sandwich on 2/13?

Morta Di Fame said...

But of course. But I do like my panelle sammies plain.

Rocco Galatioto said...

Just love the Mortadella T shirt you gave me for Christmas. I cannot wait to take it ti Italy this summer.

Justin said...

i'll have to look for wooster street meats. i love that young designers market -- i bought my girlfriend a necklace there for x-mas this year. it's very cool.