Sunday, January 10, 2010

Move Over Rover: 2009 Best of List - Revised

Just a quick note: Van Leeuwen got booted off the 2009 Best Of List because I remembered how much juicy sausage and brisket I enjoyed at Fette Sau this past year. Sowwy ice cream, I like you but I love BBQ better. And Fette Sau serves Manhattan Special, my favorite local coffee soda beverage. The sides there still leave much to be desired but who needs to fill up on sides when there is all that juicy meat to enjoy!

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Paulie Gee said...

If Manhattan Special is the criteria then you need to get Ferdinando's on your list. They are the only place I've seen it on tap. BTW, I heard a rumor that a soon to open pizza joint in Greenpoint will be serving Manhattan Special.