Thursday, December 31, 2009


First, I would like to thank everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging of Morta Di Fame during the past year. Whether I invited myself over for dinner or you are half way around the world laughing at Nonna stories, you get it, which means I am not the only crazy one around here and that feels fantastic. I must especially thank Rocco and Nonna for letting me exploit their insanity and for never stopping loving and cooking for me. There isn't a moment when I don't love working on this blog.

Goals for Morta Di Fame in 2010: more Sicilian craziness, a Supper Club in Queens (at Nonna's perhaps), non-stop laughter and food.

Now, let's remember why this year was awesome:

Top 10 Places where I repeatedly used a mouth shovel this year:
1. Num Pang Sandwich Shop
21 East 12th St
between 5th Ave and UniversityNYC2.
2. Rye
247 S 1st St, Brooklyn
Closed but reopening soon
4. Wafa's
96-08 72nd Ave
Forest Hills, NY
5. Don Ferdinando's
151 Union St, Brooklyn
110 East 7th Street
New York, NY
261 Moore St Brooklyn,NY
74 Montauk Highway, Amagansett
9. Sushu Yasu
71-45 Yellowstone Blvd
Forest Hills, NY
354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Looking forward to eating at, in 2010:
Paulie Gee's Pizza, Greenpoint
Rockaway Taco, Rockaway

Morta Di Fame's Top 10 Dishes of 2009:

Looking forward to making in 2010:
Pasta with Sardines
The Stufato
Homemade Bread
A Whole Duck

A fun and exciting New Year to everyone!

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Rocco Galatioto said...

You are calling me crazy? Gee I never thought of myself as nuts. Thanks for the heads up!