Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy St. Lucy's Day!

St. Lucy's Day is the festival of lights. All I really know about this saint day is what we eat.
At Nonna's today we are eating my all time favorite dish: RICE BALLS or arancine (which means little oranges). They are so unbelievably delicious. I can eat ten easily. I eat them so fast that my food pipe can't keep up and I have to take mini rice ball breaks. I am eating one as I write this. Mommy just said food orgasm! Then after I admitted I was onto rice ball number four she said I was going to turn into a little rice ball.
Nonna also made white food or bianca mangiare which is comparable to rice pudding but made with whole wheat grain or cuccia (coo-chee-uh). It's kind of a weird dish, with a strange wet grainy texture. It's slightly sweet and topped with cinnamon and chocolate. Not my favorite but I still broke out the food shovel.

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Paulie Gee said...

When I come for the Pasta con Sarde I want some rice balls too.