Sunday, December 20, 2009


I love any impending near apocalyptic event: hurricane, volcanic eruption, black out, you name it. Any reason to hunker down, hoard food, light candles and cozy up on the couch with nothing else to do is my idea of a good time. So when they predicted this massive blizzard, I was excited. Bring it on! It feels like every night is another holiday party this time of year. Not complaining, but sometimes its nice to stay home and read a book with some nice wine.
I am reading The Count of Monte Cristo. What a book! Love, Romance, Jealousy, Betrayal, Courage, Anguish, Vengeance, it has it all. Its 1,000 or so pages, a perfect read when you are pent up during a storm. A great quotation from this book that applies if you're stuck inside, cuddling with someone and watching the snow flakes fall: "Captivity that is shared is but half captivity."
I was inspired to read The Count of Monte Cristo after reading another great book (and awesome movie) called The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean Dominique Bauby. The main character and author, who a has-it-all fashion editor in Paris is struck with a major stroke that leaves him literally trapped inside his own body with "Locked-In Sydrome." He is fully paralyzed and torturously can only see and hear the world around him, but can't react in any way. He manages to figure out a way to communicate to the outside world by tediously blinking the alphabet and writes his entire autobiography in this way. Its tragic but truly inspiring. The Count of Monte Cristo was the Bauby's favorite book.
So what does this all have to do with food and the New Amsterdam Market? These photos that I took at the last New Amsterdam Market right before Thanksgiving were shot with a fish eye and appear the way I imagine the world would look from inside a diving bell. It was a perfect lens for me that day because I was in one of those strange moods where I merely felt like an observer, walking around aimlessly, looking at everything and everyone with not much to say. Its weird for me to not have much to say. I did manage to score a lot of yummy free samples.
It is such and extensive market, with a great energy, friendly vendors, free samples and great edible gifts just in time for the holidays. And since my two legs can walk to the subway and my two hands can fork food into my mouth, come hell or high water (or 2 feet of snow) we are going to the New Amsterdam Market today! The snow will make it all the more festive and there will be lots of delicious food to warm our bellies. Then we are going to take all our yummy goodies home, get planted on the couch, watch movies and stuff our faces a little more.
Sunday, December 20th
South Street, NYC

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