Wednesday, May 26, 2010


    This is the third time I lost my debit card. This year. I am not sure how I haven't had my identity stolen. So it was Wednesday, I needed to get my local fix and I only had $12 in my pocket and no way to get any more cash. I like a challenge.

Union Square Farmer's Market:
Homemade Pasta: $4
Spinach: $3
Mushrooms: $3
Shallots: $2

Local meal for $12: $12

     With my finds I made a very simple and quick to prepare Pasta with Caramelized Button Mushrooms and Fresh Spinach.
     I sauteed my shallots with butter and olive oil, then added my mushrooms. No salt until they are tender. I sauteed everything on high heat. Meanwhile I cooked my pasta and reserved some of the starch water. Once the mushrooms cooked down, I added some pasta water and a dash of vinegar and let it reduce. Once reduced, I added my cooked pasta to the mushroom pan and turned the heat off, then added my fresh spinach, which wilted in the heat. I added a touch of butter at the end, plus some shaved pecorino cheese. All local.

*All ingredients in this recipe were bought locally.

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Rocco Galatioto said...

I would have cooked for you for free.