Monday, May 10, 2010


    Have you ever met the two loveliest people, who are wonderful in their own right but also happen to be absolutely perfectly matched for each other? Meet Marcin and Sabrina. I totally group hugged them last time we hung out because I love them both so much! They are just oozing with goodness and excitement.
   On Sunday they invited the "photo crew" over for brunch. You may be asking: why are you posting this as a Sicilian Sunday Dinner installment? Answer: eating is about bringing people together, so although my Sicilian Sunday Dinners are usually a gigantic Sicilian meals prepared by me for you, its more importantly about sharing food, any great food with people we care about, so sometimes my posts will not be Sicilian, but they will be great.
   Everyone took advantage of the glorious weather and we all rode our bikes to Marcin and Sabrina's new fantastic loft in Brooklyn that will also serve as a photo studio space. (Anyone need portraits?) The light in their space was just magnificent. And the light on the mimosas really made me want to drink the mimosas. 
    The spread of food was so fresh and so delicious. You name it: eggs, avocados, fresh tomatoes, breads, cheese, fruit, polish sausage, hummus, spinach salad. You know when you go out to brunch and want everything on the menu, but can't order everything, well this spread was basically everything you want and could have it all! Sweet, salty, savory. All delicious and very light and healthy, which is a good feeling. Usually going out for brunch leaves me feeling full and icky.
    The stars of the show were Sabrina's Spinach and Cheese Empanadas. Wow! I think I ate thirty and took fifty to go. The crust was perfect and the filling was divine and they were baked and not heavy, so I could eat a lot of them.
    The second reason why its funner to enjoy brunch at a friend's house rather than go out is brunch dessert! When I came to brunch I initially loved Sabrina; she is a cool laid back chick. But after I tried her Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream Cake, she became my favorite person in the world. You know when you put something delicious in your mouth and its so good you become retarded? Like, "uuuuuuhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm." You can't form sentences, you can only make primitive sounds. Thats the effect this cake had on me. And the next piece. And the next piece. Pure decadence.
    Along with the mousse we enjoyed a Polish Honey Liqueur called Krupnik. And we come to the third reason why brunching at home is better than going out. Desserts and drinks and the best company.

    Thanks Marcin and Sabrina for the wonderful afternoon! Group hug!

Sabrina's Empanadas:

Dough: I buy them, brand "LA SALTEÑA" (look like this
-White Sauce
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 cup milk
pepper, salt and nutmeg (for me this make the special falvor)
when sauce is done, add the spinach, put some filling (like a spoon) on dough and then press corners to close, should look like half moon

bake for 20 min more or less

Chocolate Mousse Cake:
8 eggs

butter (250g)
1 heavy cream 250ml
8 spoons sugar
150 gr chocolate

mix the yolk with the sugar until whiteish
melt chocolate and butter together
when ready and at room temperature, mix w yolk and sugar
mix egg white until (link to this img dont know how u call this in english
then mix with chocolate carefully
bake 1/4 of the mix for 15min (this will be base of the cake)
the 3/4 of what is left mix with the heavy cream (which had been mixed with some vanilla) then add to the base
the best is over night fridge
then enjoy!!!


Barbara GF said...

Any excuse for a Sunday get-together, Sicilian or otherwise, is fine by me. Love the spread, but those spinach empanades - too good!

Rocco Galatioto said...

Those empanadas look like cassateddi to me. Ultimately, everything is Sicilian, like it or not!

Pizzablogger said...

Krupnik is good, good, good. Straight up and a Krupnik Sour is tasty as well. --K

Pate said...

Those empanadas were out of this world. I refrained from eating too many because my bike is designed where one bends forward to hold the steering. My stomach would protrude, very unsightly indeed. Good times.