Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rocco rant: "Bacon marmalade; it's enough to give me suicidal ideations."

I had to repost Rocco's comment from the most recent post in which I delighted in Bacon Marmalade on Pizza with an Egg:
"Pizza with bacon marmalade and with an egg! You got to be kidding me. Pizza, that most sublime of all Neapolitan foods gets it's strength from it's simplicity. Use the freshest and best ingredients and it will delight. Leave it to the Americans with their sometimes misguided sense of Yankee ingenuity to mess things up big time. There is nothing like a good margherita the question is where can I find one. So far my search has yielded all sorts of "creative" mishaps that are actually insulting. I may be from Sicily but I love Naples. Please keep it simple so this monument of culinary excellence may be fostered and preserved. Bacon marmalade; it's enough to give me suicidal ideations. As we say in NY: "enough already." 


Justin said...

hmm, i personally would put that bacon marmalade on anything!

Rocco Galatioto said...

You can make hot compresses and apply it on strained muscles.

Reka said...

bacon is nasty enough. marmalade is taking it to another lvl.

Cary from passion-4-pizza said...

I love the Bacon Marmalade Pizza with Egg at Paulie Gee's. It is hauntingly good; I can still taste it if I close my eyes and think.

Is it pizza? Well, it's on Paulie's dough and came out of that wonderful oven (although Derek Gee is the one who made it for me). Lillian won't eat it (she's a vegetarian), which means more for me!