Monday, June 21, 2010

Why I love you ...

... because you made me born.

And, on Rocco day you said this on Facebook:

"I was thinking about getting an Apple computer but once I heard that they are made in a labor camp with 20,000 guards I decided to tell Steve Jobs who first claimed that he did not know and then said that it was a nice factory to fuck off and keeps his ishit made by slaves. Some workers' paradise. They are in bed with capitalist PIGS! Screw them all."

And you commented:

"Do not buy Apple until they treat workers right. And as for the PRC what can one say they have no respect for humanity."

I am reiterating: "iShit!"

I heart you YD!


Rocco Galatioto said...

Jen, thanks for the comment. And I LOVE YOU in an ineffable way.
I heard this radio show on the labor conditions in China and was discussed by the ways that workers are treated. I had to say something.
I miss you.

Martin said...

I love your dad's thoughts on this


Morta Di Fame said...

@Rocco - apples are still awesome and if u don't think so then give me the laptop back. Just kidding! Just buy one!

@Martin - u obviously love crazy people and the crazy things they say which makes you also crazy.