Friday, July 23, 2010

Vintage Vacation Swap - what I got!

    When swap deadline is approaching I am in panic mode. Its a fun panic because it involves shopping and bad crafting on my part, but its a pressing time all the same and I am wicked dangerous with a glue stick.   
    "I have to go shopping for the swap!" I tell my friends, knowing they will respond with, "What's a swap?" and I roll my eyes because the explanation eats into valuable swap shopping/glue stick time and they always think I am a loser after I explain what it is, anyway.
     So let me explain why I am a total dork. My name is Jen. I am a blogger. I have online blogger friends. Some online blogger friends are people I have met in real life, like Jenny from Everyday Is a Holiday. Actually, I have not met Jenny face to face, but we have lots of mutual friends I know in real life. Aaron, her partner, and I used to work together. 
     Take Laura, from A Dozen Eggs. After a long hike in the mountains of Vermont I stumbled upon a little cupcake and cookie shop, and there I met Laura, who happened to have a Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake painting from Jenny from Everyday Is a Holiday. Small world and great cupcakes. So we are all online blogger friends and through each other we make new online blogger friends. 
     One of the funnest way to make new online blogger friends is to participate in a swap.
     Here is how it works. One blogger will host a swap. She will pick a swap theme that usually has something to do with what her blog is all about. Jenny's genius theme was a Vintage Vacation Swap. She then announces the swap and asks for participation. Online blogger friends will comment that they want in on the swap, then the host will pair bloggers. You are introduced to your partner via email and you two tell a little bit about yourselves and exchange addresses. Then its shopping time. A dollar limit is established by the host; its usually $20, and a deadline to mail the goods is in place. After a few weeks you receive a box of goodies from a random person somewhere in the world, who you are only acquainted with through blogging, and you send them in exchange a box of goodies. How fun and exciting! I know, I am a major dork. But who doesn't like to get present and go shopping and use a glue stick?
     The first swap I participated in was hosted by the Gregarious Homebody, who I met through Laura from A Dozen Eggs. See how all this online blogging networking works? It was a Winter Gastronomy Swap and it started out disastrous but ended well. So when Jenny announced this awesome swap, I gave it another shot and boy am I happy I did! She did a great job partnering everyone. My partner was Natalie from the 1 Hungry Hippie blog.              
     When we emailed she asked what I like? BIRDS! She was so excited because she has a craft bird tree outside her house that she made! And when I got my box, it was filled with bird patterns galore! Awesome bird patterns. She went absolutely nuts in an awesome way! I got a bird pillow, a bird tote bag, bird mug cozies, a tissue holder, a little bird cage key chain, a Buon Apetite trivet, a mug with black tea in it, a tea infuser, a bird napkin, awesome vintage picnic plates, a Scotland snow globe, a Scotland cloth map, awesome magnets, Farrah's Barley Sugars and Olde English Toffee and Sour Candies! Everything was so awesome! She really went above and beyond her swap call and even mailed it to me early! And aside from all the fun shopping, crafting and awesome goodies we exchanged, we made new online blogger friends!
   Stay tuned for what I gave Natalie. I can't show you yet because I don't want to ruin the surprise for her. Jenny thankfully extended the deadline and boy did I need the extra time. I can't wait to let you all see it. I am kind of proud of how it all came together. I can't sew but I sure can glue stick with the best of them!

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