Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Water Balloons for Rice Balls

Hello my ravenous friends,

    Your dear crazy food friend is very busy with some upcoming projects that I want to share with you. You don't mind if I post a few things that aren't food related, do you? But they are actually because everything always somehow and somewhere relates back to what we stick in our pie holes.
     I am a very busy bee working with my homegirl Joann Kim on organizing the Greenpoint Open Studios. Joann is the amazing brains and muscle behind the famous Greenpoint Food Market. (see - food.) I am truly honored to be working with her. She is truly an amazing inspiration.
     What is the GOS? On October 1-3rd, 2010, all the talented artists in Greenpoint, Brooklyn will be opening their studios to the public so we can all enjoy their work. There are a few upcoming events that will help raise money for this awesome weekend.
     First, this Saturday, August 28th there will be a Water Balloon Fight on India Street at 3pm by the East River! You know that I love getting wet and into fights. Please join us for an awesome afternoon and help us spread the word so we have a lot of crazy wet people running around!  I am offering a Sicilian dinner to anyone who helps us fills water balloons! You get one rice ball for every 20 water balloons you fill. That is an offer I don't know how anyone could refuse! 
     During the Greenpoint Open Studios, Paulie Gee, our favorite pizza place (more food), will be functioning as a gallery, curated by yours truly, along with great friends Julie and Martin as part of the Ugly Art Room.  If you are hungry and like to see beautiful things, then please visit Paulie's during the Greenpoint Open Studios! More info to come...


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