Thursday, June 25, 2009


    My friend called me a witch last night, a good witch of course, because I had a weird ESP moment over a cookbook. At the shoot today, when I sent Erik out to Adorama to pick up equipment, I immediately thought "cupcakes!" from the Cupcake Cafe, the best cupcakes in NYC. Then I reconsidered because I have been sinfully overly indulgent these past few days (look out for the Louisiana Catahoula Cheese Cake recipe). So wrong yet so right. I think Claire is right because I went to the kitchen at work, normally empty, to grab some water and came upon this fabulous cupcake table, that I can only imagine a candy fairy had created after my witchy mind summoned her! This diabetic shock in waiting spread is either the result of some major boss butt kissing or pure love. From the sweet energy emanating from the table scape, I sense its the latter.   

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