Tuesday, June 2, 2009


    Mike is obsessed with pizza. If he could eat at his favorite pizzeria Una Pizza Napoletana everday he would. It is the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life. So, when he can't have Una Pizza he makes his own pizza. He uses dough from Trader Joe's and fresh mozarella from there, too and he makes his own special sweet sauce and tops it with fresh basil. Its really tasty. Today he topped it with sopressata. It came out really good.
     So what makes a good pizza? Some people argue its the water in the crust, New York City tap water being the best, but I have had really bad pizza in New York, so it can't only be the water. I have also had great pizza outside of the city, so the water can't make or break it. Others would say its the best fresh ingredients. I have had some really terrible slices where the mozzarella is just a rubbery nasty mass and the sauce is worse than Ragu, so you definitely need the good stuff, thats obvious. And, everytime Mike makes the pizza he is always complaining that the oven isn't hot enough, because to make an amazing pizza with the best ingredients and a perfect crust you need the right oven, a really hot even burning over, like the one Anthony built himself at Una Pizza. Thats why when Mike makes his own pizza for lunch, often he will go to Anthony's for dinner!


Rocco Galatioto said...

Che pizza splendida! La foto e' cosi' nitida e chiara che quasi si puo' assaporare la pizza.
Un capolavoro che mi ha fatto venire l'appetito.
Un abbraccio.

Leslie said...

I love love love making homemade pizza. I wish I had a Trader Joes near me. Grrrr

Jennifer Galatioto said...

Dad - Translate?
Leslie - thanks for the comment! That is a shame. The Trader Joe's that just opened up near us in Queens is a Godsend! You should write them and tell them to open one near you. Don't you think they should also sell their products online? So much of it is shippable!