Monday, September 21, 2009


    So how can a bacon lover EVER turn down a BLT party? What?!?! NEVER! Winnie the genius behind Choice Cuts is the brains behind an annual Bring Your Own BACON, BEER AND BREAD Party. All I can say is as far as supper clubs go - Genius Squared! Remember way back when, I attended the HAPA Duck Dinner there, then a Dinner and Movie and now this! Can it get any better?     I arrived with two of my favoritest people in the world, Pate and Nicole and we had a blast, which started when I borrowed Mommy's stick car to drive the crew from Queens to Fort Greene and almost blinded poor Nicole with my jerky driving skills while she was applying mascara. The party was already in full swing when Pate got into the car. I don't know if everyone was giggling from hysteria or fear at my driving but they had to remind me of every stop sign. Got it guys! Pate approved of my driving only at one point when I stalled while a guy was passing in front of the car who Pate thought was "hot!"
    Since I'd been to Winnie's amazing loft before I knew the drill: after the strenuous 4 flights up, shoes off, and then it hit us: wafts of bacon breeze. What a way to welcome guests. Everyone was in a great mood in anticipation of their BLTs. Thats plural, it wasn't a just one BLT kind of night. I mean really, if I had to chose one sandwich to make it out of the apocalypse it would be the BLT. There is nothing wrong with this perfect sandwich. But Winnie took it to an entirely different level, it blew my mind. 
     The fun part was the do it yourself assembly table, where everyone stood around sampling bacon and chit chatting. 
     Not only were there over 20 types of bacon coming out the oven over the entire night to chose from, there were nine hundred types of bread, heaps and heaps of delicious crispy lettuce, mounds of too gorgeous to eat heirloom looking tomatoes, plus 4 different types of mayo! Good thing I had over 4 sandwiches so I could individually try each one. 
     There was a basil mayo, a roasted garlic mayo, an anchovy mayo, plus a plain homemade mayo that was a home run. My favorite was the basil mayo. WOW! Oh and there was a tomato chutney that was such a good thing to smear on, plus some radishes to freshen everything up.
    That's Amy. She works for Tom Cat Bakery and hooked up a lot of the bread. Plus, she took the pretty pictures on the website. I am sure you have seen their delivery trucks around the city with the big boy tuxedo cat logo, just like my dear little Calogero.
Yeah, thats bacon popcorn! It was a nice in between bacon snack.
    A lot of people say pizza is like sex, but I disagree, bacon is like sex. Bacon at any level is still good. I can't really remember ever having bad bacon. (I have had bad pizza, though.) 
   But before the BLT party I didn't know bacon could come in such variety! This was like a crazy bacon orgy. You could not choose just one because they were all so beautiful and tempting so a little here a little there and everyone was happy. What one lacked in saltiness, another made up for in crispiness. A little chewy, but very smokey. A little fatty, but nice and thick. It was all good, just shovel it in. I kid you not I easily ate over twenty pieces of bacon that evening.
    After a while, the bread was kind of getting in the way of the bacon marathon; too filling and we needed more room, so Pate, the asian that he is, invented the Thai bacon wrap.
    Oh yes! A little lettuce, some mayo, tomato and don't forget the best part and we were easily pushing thirty strips.
    I know, all this bacon talk, did we drink anything? Yes we drank bacon!!! Don Lee, drink wizard made bacon infused cocktails with Maker's Mark. I was the designated loser that night but I gave one of those baby's a test drive. Very nice. I could easily have gotten tipsy very quickly sucking those sweet drinks down. It was a well made cocktail. Cheers to you Mr. Lee!
   And thanks again Winnie for another successful and wonderful party! I cannot wait for the next one!


Underground Dining said...

Theres no better way to wake up than to pictures of bacon! Great minds think alike!

Oh and, Brooklyn Edible Social Club has seatings open for this Saturday if youre interested!

Rocco Galatioto said...

This is a real mala figura. We never ask people to bring food. Wine and dessert are of course mandatory otherwise the person who is invited arrives "cun panza e prisenza," in Sicilian and "con pancia e presenza," in Italian and that is a real mala figura.

Robin Sue said...

This is a party made in heaven. What a great idea. So simple and fun. The drink sounds interesting too!