Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Being born in the United States is really taken for granted. I realize this when foreign friends are anxiously awaiting visa approval or have to travel back and forth from their home countries every few months to be with their boyfriends or girlfriends. Relationships are hard enough and life and love are in limbo just because you weren't born here.
So when two dear friends, Pate and Marcin, got their green cards it was time to party! And as you can see Pate has is own unique way of celebrating.
Pate hosted the Green Card Party at his place in Brooklyn. Mostly everyone showed up wearing some shade of green and mostly all the food was, you guessed it: GREEN!
Pate made a delicious pesto sauce and a caesar broccoli salad. I brought over some roasted brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes, and for dessert I made a chocolate almond torte. And Erik brought over his famous Broccoli Salad. There was a LOT of gaseous vegetables on the spread, but I don't remember it being a problem.
The highlight of the night, aside from Pate doing full splits in the living room for everyone's entertainment, was when he pulled out his gigantic 4X5 camera. There were about 6 photographers there, and everyone was getting all nerdy on the camera. The bunch of us were sitting in three rows, arena style on his couch trying to hold still for 20 second exposures. When one person giggled it was all over. And when late guests arrived, the looks on their faces at seeing us all sitting there in such a bizarre arrangement was hilarious.
The food was great, the company was awesome and it was a really fun party!


megan elizabeth said...

post some of those group shots!! sounds like an awesome party. would give anything to see pate do a full split....

Rocco Galatioto said...

The funny thing is that the "green card" is actually blue. Go figure.