Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am taking a staycation next week! Why? A few reasons: 1. I need a break 2. All the places I want to travel to are too cold right now 3. I love New York 4. I have hermit tendencies and the idea of being home is very pleasing to me 5. need to save.
I was going to take the week to diligently work on my portfolio and take care of other things I never seem to have the time to work on, like archiving my photos, updating my website, etc, etc. But frankly just writing that sounds super BORING!
Instead I am going to pretend I am on a vacation in New York City.
I need some help coming up with ideas. If you are going to tell me to go to the Statue of Liberty or Time Square - boring! I want to experience New York, the way I want to experience Paris, like a Parisienne walking through the market with a scarf around my neck, eating a baguette. No touristy crap.
Give me some ideas!!!


Rocco Galatioto said...

Street photography is one answer!

Markus said...

Walk Atlantic Avenue end to end. You will pass through a diverse array of neighborhoods (Brooklyn Heights, East New York, Ozone Park).

Alternately, do an airport to airport walk JFK-LGA. I will provide pick-up/drop-off service.

pizzacommander said...

Ever taken a ride on the Staten Island ferry? free, relaxing, and beautiful- but I can't say the same for Staten Island

Morta Di Fame said...

HA! All great suggestions. Thanks!
Went to Coney Island today. Super fun. Tried to go to Totonno's. No dice. Closed. Every been pizza commander?

pizzacommander said...

Yep, just went:

Hope you're enjoying your staycation!

pizzacommander said...

I totally forgot to ask how your staycation turned out! Find something fun to do?

Morta Di Fame said...

It was great, thanks for asking Brooks! I relaxed, did some walking tours of the city, and ate out ALOT! Kitchen was closed. It was great meeting you at Paulie's!