Thursday, March 4, 2010


    So the cat is out the bag: Paulie Gee's, the new Greenpoint Pizza Joint, is opening on Tuesday March 9th! Check out the article on Slice. (and check out the byline for the photo.) I have had the honor of tasting Paulie's signature pizza and it is not to be missed. 
    Greenpointers should feel lucky that this gem is opening up in their hood. Not only will they enjoy excellent pizza, but the space is phenomenal. The giant barn-like doors on Greenpoint Ave open up to a breathtaking space, the interiors redone with reclaimed materials by the same designers who did the Manhattan Inn. When you enter you are greeted by a gorgeous bar and are drawn in by the warmth of that custom wood burning oven and Paulie creating delicious pies in the back. Go see for yourself!
     But wait, another cat is crawling out of the bag. Yours truly has partnered with Paulie Gee in this pizza joint. After Paulie so graciously invited me to his home in New Jersey for a pizza tasting, I was sold not only by the the mouthwatering pizza but I truly believe in Paulie's vision. His enthusiasm and skill are truly inspiring and when I was given the opportunity to invest, I jumped on board. So don't blame me for blatantly and shamelessly promoting the restaurant. (Note: I wouldn't have put my money where my mouth is unless my mouth was happy with those pies. And it sure is!)       Its been really amazing to get a behind the scenes peek at all the giant strides Paulie has taken to get where he is now. Each time I visited, the place was transformed.  I was there when the first pie came out of the oven and then again when he was testing his first batch of dough. What an honor to be able to share in these pivotal moments.
     I am so excited Paulie Gee's is opening on Tuesday. I know its going to be the best pizza place in the city. So patronize, patronize, patronize! 60 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn.


Markus said...

And if I'm not mistaken, the taps will be pumping out good local beer. You can have your red wine, every true blooded American drinks beer with their pizza. No breaded chicken on top, no brocolli and pineapple and steamy gooey garlic knots. Beer and Mootz and thats it! Period.

can't wait

Pizzablogger said...

Yes Markus, the local tap selection is indeed very solid. Looking forward to putting a few pints down meself.

But these are Neapolitan inspired pizzas, which absolutely mean some Gragnano needs to ocassionally be joining the pizza party in your stomach when visiting Paulie Gee's!

Now only if Paulie could find a way to up the Neapolitan frizzante wine ante by adding a Lettere to the list, which dare I say is even better than Gragnano.

Congrats on owning a slice of the pie Jen. --K

Morta Di Fame said...

Thanks Kelley! Well when you visit you will have to bring a bottle of the Lettere!

Ricki said...

Lucky you to be near such a place! Thanks for your comment on my blog, and for reading--I'm so glad you liked the matcha truffles! Let me know if you blogged about them--would love to see how yours came out. :)

Markus said...

oh man I had dreams about that vegetarian Mo Cheeks last night. I'm sure its ok with the guanciale as well.

It was a great opening night.

Morta Di Fame said...

Reporting back: the opening was a sheer success. When I walked in the place had an awesome buzz. The pizza and service was phenomenal. And Paulie Gee looked busy but oh so happy!

Morta Di Fame said...

And that Mo Cheeks was sick. I had it both ways! said...

got your email! awesome and thanks! will check this place out!