Monday, March 29, 2010

Edible Queens: check out my photos!

      The latest Edible Queens issue is out and guess who took some photos for it? I didn't make the cover (above) but I did a cool shoot (below) for a story about the cuisine of the Burmese community in my native borough. Not only did I meet some of the most wonderful people during this experience, they fed me! Double awesome.
      I went on two shoots, one at a church in Elmhurst where they serve a huge lunch for the entire congregation every Sunday. Too bad I can't understand the language or I would have signed up on the spot to become a member. What a great way to keep people coming to church! Oh yeah, I guess God and fear of damnation are good reasons, too. It reminded me of coffee hour at the Maspeth United Methodist Church, where I used to go when I was a kid. I would sit in the pew and couldn't wait for the service to be over so I could eat bundt cake and drink sweet tea with honey.
     The next stop was this cool boutique in Sunnyside that also serves home cooked dishes to-go. "This purse and some fish curry. And can you wrap that?" I was honored to have a lunch feast with the shopkeeper after our shoot. She was a doll and her spread was incredible. If Nonna was Burmese, its what her food would taste like. Just like home.
     I am really excited I had this great opportunity to shoot for Edible Queens. Please go get an issue! ITS FREE!

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