Sunday, March 28, 2010


      I am not one to blindly follow recipes, although when I do I am often pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful new flavors that I discover are so easy to create. When I got another head of cabbage and a million dingy carrots from the latest winter share pick-up, I decided to make slaw. I didn't want to just make regular slaw, so I looked of all places in my Cuisinart cook book and there was a recipe for Asian Slaw with Peanut Dressing and I happened to have almost all of the ingredients on hand to make the dressing. Don't you just love that? No running out to the store.
     Anything that combines the flavors of raw garlic and ginger (especially during cold and flu season) is a keeper. It was super easy, and I basically created the peanutty sauce that goes on those Cold Sesame Noodles you get at the Chinese restaurant. Worlds opening up to me. Warning: this is a pungent sauce, so don't do what I did and only loosely cover it in your fridge. Or else whenever you open the door, you will be reminded of that peanut sauce you made. And don't stop at slaw with this sauce. The next day I slathered the sauce over Soba Noodles. It would be great on all types of meats, too, like chicken or shrimp satay. Its all about just finding a vehicle for this delicious peanut sauce.

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Rocco Galatioto said...

Great photo. Love that basil. It almost makes it Italian. I have a nice photo of a salad from the Nostromo in Rapallo, the best place to eat after the Baby Luna in Mazzara.