Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Art of the Staycation

    Are you broke? Do you ever get back from vacation and feel like you need to take a few more days off to recuperate? Take a staycation instead of going away!
    There are a few important rules to staycationing:
1. Focus on what you like to do. While it seems like a great chance to do spring cleaning, don't waste this precious time on boring tasks.
2. Remember that you are probably the only person who has a week to do anything you want. Your friends and family are not going to be at your disposal. You may have to do things on your own (or in my case with your retired crazy dad).
3. A staycation is like a mental cleanse. On your first day, do nothing. It sets a great tone for the rest of the time.

My staycation photo itinerary:

DAY 1: NOTHING. Movies. Tacos. Nap.
DAY 2: Dumbo Art Opening. Olympic Hockey Final Game. Dinner at Five Leaves. Everything about this restaurant is perfect. Great atmosphere, awesome cocktails, good music and insanely delicious food. We had: cheese board, raw oysters, duck confit risotto, truffle fries and brussels sprouts.
DAY 3Coney Island!

DAY 4: Buffet Indian lunch at Dhaba. (Thanks for this recommendation Laptop Chronicles!) Spices from Kalustyans. Some thrift store shopping (I should have got that watercolor bunny painting!) and of course perusing Fishes Eddy, my favorite store ever.
DAY 5: Spa Castle, Sushi Yasu. Bliss plus bliss.
DAY 6: More nothing. Cello Wine Bar.
DAY 7: Belmont, Little Italy in the Bronx. Arthur Ave Retail Market, where you can get the best produce, awesome sammies, and anything Italian. Borgatti's Ravioli and Egg Noodle Store, where I found truffle salt, balsamic creme and squid ink linguini. Lunch at Giantina with Rocco. We both had our favorite gnocchi dish. Let's not forget the espresso!

DAY 8: Greenpoint Farmer's Market. Split Thy Skull Barley Wine Tasting at Mugs. Family and Friends Party at the now open Paulie Gee's Pizzeria in Greenpoint. Arica's Birthday Party/ Bitch's Banana Bread Bake-Off! You have to be in it to win it, and I was!
DAY 9: Sunday dinner at Nonna's: Rocco's pasta with kholrabi, broccoli rabe, Nonna's stuffed artichokes.

Staycations rule!


Markus said...

Wow you did a lot in a week even with 2 days of nothing (slacker). It just goes to show how much time our silly jobs take up during the week.

I quit!

Morta Di Fame said...

I quit, too! Now what are we gonna do?

Rocco Galatioto said...

Love the photos. Brings back fond memories of our time together.

Casino Nova said...

Rule 2 is always true. Also, can I substitute drinking for photography?

Morta Di Fame said...

Yes! Of course. Anything you want... Exhibit A: my first photo. Definitely set the tone for the week...