Monday, February 22, 2010

underground lobster pound

      I remember my first lobster roll. Girl's road trip to Boston. We were in Gloucester, MA. I was making my girlfriends, who were more interested in sleeping in that morning, drive with me to Wolf Hollow, a wildlife sanctuary. The nuts that ran this place were talking pack mentality way before the Dog Whisperer. After an afternoon of learning the different types of howls, we were famished. Alia convinced me we "needed" to try lobster rolls while we were in Massachusetts. Ten years ago, we would have been hard pressed to find a lobster roll in New York. I was hooked.
      More and more, the lobster roll is debuting around town. We had great lobster rolls from Luke's Lobster while shopping at the New Amsterdam Market, and the Red Hook Lobster Pound sells them weekly at Brooklyn Flea.  
     So when we met Ben and Ms. Liza Mosquito de Guia (what a great name) at the Greenpoint Food Market and Liza, (who directed this awesome video about Ben) let on that Ben runs his own underground lobster roll slinging operation out of his apartment in Brooklyn, we "needed" to try his lobster rolls. Ben smiled, tried to hush us down, then gave me his card.
      When five of us ventured to Ben's place, we were led into what at first looked like my Nonna's hallway: cherubs, plastic flowers and peach wallpaper as far as they eye could see. But then he took us down stairs through a narrow hallway and I could have sworn I was in that lobster shack back in Glouster, MA, a lobster shack submarine to be exact. And the smell - like buttah!
       It was a challenge to be in Ben's place, not because of the low ceilings, I'm short, but because I had to use my small voice not to disturb the neighbors. But Julie was there, and when I am with Julie I am usually stomping my feet laughing like an animal. I did my best.
     Ben prepares his lobster rolls how they were intended to be enjoyed, very little mayo, butter and some Old Bay, so its just about the lobster meat. So good and so fresh.
    Aside from making the best lobster rolls, Ben is the nicest and most gracious dude, so easygoing with lots of hilarious food antics to share. He can't get over how the tiniest asian food blogger girls (are there any other kinds?) willingly go down into his lobster roll lair, no qualms about it. "This is so wrong!" he jokes, "You shouldn't be doing this!"
     Burnt out from the restaurant world, this is a great set-up for a guy who loves to work from home making his favorite dish. And hushy hushy aside, he has plenty of loyal customers. While we we there, he got a whole bunch of take-out orders. And he even delivers lobster rolls on his scooter, equipped with a bun warmer on the back. I'm sure we will ordering take-out very soon because I don't think he delivers to Queens.
Watch Liza's awesome video!

The Underground Lobster Pound: A Purist, An Apartment & The Perfect Lobster Roll -  *food curated* from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.


Markus said...

Jen, you forgot to mention City Field lobster rolls at "Catch of the Day" Get it! Ha ha ha ha.

Possibly after 7 Bud lights and watching the Mets get pounded by the San Diego Padres these rolls might be appealing. Ben's rolls have twice the amount of meat. Save your $19 and get a bag of peanuts.

The only thing worse than the mets is their seafood.

-depressed Mets fan since 1984-

Morta Di Fame said...

How could I forget! LOL!

Let's talk about your peanut collection...

chubbychinesegirl said...

girl share ur the love! hahaha how can i get me some of that underground lobster goodness ? =)