Thursday, August 13, 2009


    When talking about local fresh produce we need to talk about the Amish. Mommy went to Uncle George's house in PA to help him work on his house. With only a week to get things in order, my expeditious mother enslaved not one but four Amish children to do her hard labor. (She actually paid them each more than minimum wage and their parents thought it was too much.) My mom developed a great relationship with the kids, of course, and when we visit Uncle George in September I hope to meet them and their dog. Before Mommy left they gave her heaps of fresh local produce. One boy gave her a giant bag of string beans, and the oldest, who my Mom really took a liking to grabbed the bag back and said, "Those are yesterday's string beans, pick her some of today's string beans." She also brought home the sweetest corn, blueberries that never tasted so good, beets, potatoes and giant heads of fresh garlic. It was some of the most delicious produce I have ever tasted, thanks to those hardworking Amish children.

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Rocco Galatioto said...

They do have great produce. Very tasty.