Monday, August 3, 2009


    Cilantro may be my favorite fresh herb, but what to do with an entire bunch? The Hampton Chutney company has some amazing cilantro chutney so I did some research and found this great Indian Grandma Cilantro Chutney Instructional Video. I followed the directions with the exception of the serrano chilis. I had two Italian frying peppers and a half a jalapeno. Perfect? I left all the jalapeno seeds in and it was very hot and good but needed to be sweeter so I added more sugar and thinned it out with some more water. I ate it with some bread. Delicious. Then on some barbecued chicken. Perfect. And yesterday on some plain barley. Pretty good. Today I will mix it into a fresh corn salad. All that cilantro would have surely wilted and died but now its living a spicy life as a Cilantro Chutney. Watch the video. This old lady is darling!

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Chef Fresco said...

Nice idea! We can never use all of our cilantro