Monday, August 17, 2009


      I went to my astrological twin Jeremy's house on a particularly chaotic Saturday and as always was embraced by his warm and relaxing vibes. (above: Jeremy and Maura)
      Since I split my vegetable share with the paternals, I was overwhelmed with food, so I packed it up and when I got there I dumped it on Jeremy's table for him to figure out. I was mentally spent and thats what a good friend does, picks up the pieces, even if its your brain and transforms it into something delightful. 
     Jeremy, such an amazing chef, made a grilled slaw of cabbage, corn, watermelon and rinds, green peppers and peaches. Grilled cabbage is so delicious. The combination of flavors in the slaw was unique and refreshing.
He served grilled tilapia over the slaw. It was so perfect.
     For dessert Jeremy whipped up the most fantastic peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches. They were so sweet our teeth were chattering. 

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