Friday, August 14, 2009


On Saturday, during my first visit to the Greenpoint Farmer's Market I encountered parsley root. I should have taken a photo before I mashed it. Attached to a bunch of parsley were stumpy white roots that look like carrots. I meant to make a soup, but it thickened into this mash. I sauteed some garlic and grated ginger in olive then added chopped carrot and parsley root. I let it cook down until softened a bit then added water and some vegetable broth concentrate. I simmered in on low then use the hand blender to mash it. I served it warm with chopped fresh parsley on top. It had a turnip flavor and went very well with carrots. 


Justin said...

interesting. i'm not sure i've ever seen (or heard of) parsley root before. i see cilantro roots called for in a lot of thai recipes. i'll have to look around for it.

Chef Fresco said...

Looks good! How do you eat it? W. crackers?