Friday, June 12, 2009


    There's a good Italian Restaurant in LES called Supper. Its always a culinary down hill journey for me there because my favorite dish is their white bean dip served with crusty rustic bread at the beginning of the meal. Whenever I crave Supper, I crave that dip. Here is my version. Mike even went back for seconds, which is unusual because he only likes Turkey Sandwiches and Mountain Dew. 

1 C. dry white beans, soaked overnight
2-3 cloves of garlic chopped
extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp peperoncino (hot red chili flakes)
1 bay leaf
3 tsp dried rosemary
1/2 TBSP tomato paste
salt and pepper
chopped parsley

On bean soaking: Soak the beans overnight. (I soaked and refrigerated the beans because I read somewhere that they can ferment but they still need to absorb some more water so I boiled them then let them sit in the the water for a half and hour and they were perfect) Read more on bean soaking at Central Bean.
Once the beans are soft begin by sauteeing the garlic and peperoncino in olive oil. Add the bay leaf and the rosemary. Add the beans, then the tomato paste and enough water to cover the beans and bring to a simmer until the moisture is absorbed. If your beans are still a little hard keep adding water and simmering until they are soft. Once the beans are fully cooked, remove heat then season with salt and pepper and fresh parsley. 
Take some crusty sliced Italian bread and toast in in a toaster or under the broiler. When  its done rub it with some fresh garlic then top with the white beans. 


Bostic said...

Great ingredients. I will try this one and insist on using my garlicboss to rub the bruschetta with all the garlic goodness and the white beans!

Rocco Galatioto said...

Amatissima Figlia,
ufter trying this variation on the classic bruschetta, I must concur with my taste buds. The word fabulous comes to mind but it doesn't d0 it justice. Only the Italian word ineccepibile fits. Is this really bruahetta? Who cares.

Morta Di Fame said...

According to Sicilian Home Cooking: Family Recipes from Gangivecchio by Wanda and Giovanna Tornabene, which has become my new favorite Sicilian Cook Book, "Bruschetta is a slice of good Italian bread put on a grill or fire until it is crispy and light brown on both sides...The classic bruschetta topping is a slice of bread rubbed with a pungent slice of garlic and grilled...Beyond the classic bruschetta, there are countless toppings. One of the most admired is a fragrant mixture of chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice or lemon juice and salt and pepper...but the choice is really up to the cook's own fantasy." Permission to go insane!