Saturday, July 18, 2009

Can we discuss guacamole?

    Let's face it guacamole is awesome, but definitely not a dish I would have imagined featuring on Morta Di Fame. While I love my guacamole recipe I think its basically just a creamy delivery system for garlic and cilantro. And let's face it, everyone has their own special guacamole recipe, so I figured I'd open up a discussion. 

Here's my basic guacamole recipe (not pictured):
1 avocado
1 clove of garlic
1/4 onion
juice of 1/2 lime
lots of cilantro
salt and pepper

Either grind it or puree it in a food processor.

    So, here I am thinking I am making pretty good guacamole then Mike goes to an Una Pizza After Hours Dinner without me one night (the nerve) and David's girlfriend, who had made tortillas the previous week, made guacamole that night. According to everyone lucky enough to enjoy it, it was sick. Mike remembers it being super duper spicy, ultra creamy and they slathered it on hard boiled eggs. 
    So then Mike tried to recreate it in Vermont and he put a lot of jalapenos in it and no cilantro. It was pretty good and somehow didn't turn brown, which I suspect is because he also put a lot of lime juice in it. I don't think Mike likes cilantro, and I suspect that David's girlfriend did use cilantro, but Mike is swearing it isn't so. So, I decided to try it David's girlfriend's way and its pretty tasty, although I think lacking cilantro. We need to just track down David's girlfriend is all.
David's Girlfriend's "Alleged" Guacamole (pictured)
2 avocados
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 onion
juice of 2 limes
1/2 jalapeno
salt and pepper


So let's talk:
I feel like the standards are lime juice and onions, but red onion? garlic? cilantro? jalapeno? 
I LOVE cilantro. I could take or leave the jalapeno.
Then mash it? puree it? food processor? hand mixer?
And how much lime?

Please send me your guacamole insight. I would really appreciate it. In the mean time I am getting a private detective to track down David's girlfriend.


Susan said...

Great topic- I made my version the other day and I ended up throwing it question is "how ripe should the avocados be?"
Mine were very ripe and for some reason I think too ripe because the taste was bothered me so much I tossed it.
I have to try again but I may try your recipe!..".minus the jalapeno."
Cant wait to see what others write. Thanks

Rocco Galatioto said...

Can we make this with pasta?
Maybe tobettini and guacamole, yommy!

Morta Di Fame said...

No rocco. No pasta with guacamole!
Susan its so unsatisfying to throw stuff a way, isn't it.
As far as ripeness, it must be soft but still firm to the touch. If it totally gives when you press it, its too ripe, and when you open it, it will be almost yellow. If its too firm it will be to hard to mash. Its perfect when its still green inside but when you slice it it cuts easily.
I raved once about guacamole I would make for a party then went and bought all these unripe firm avocados and it was a disaster. They just didn't mush at all.
I agree I am not that into the jalapenos, but the last batch I made, kept for like 3 days without browning and I wonder now if its the jalapenos.
Thanks for your insight Susan!
And Rocco guacamole has a ton of garlic in it and I am sure you can put olive oil in it, too!

Bea said...

Being mexican, I know many recipes... basically, what we make is mix avocado (cubbed or smashed) with salsa mexicana (tomato, onion, cilantro and serrano chile) and salt to taste... adding lime juice prevents avocado from oxidation, but too much can change the flavor, specially when you eat guacamole with something else.. I never use garlic as it's strong flavor will cover avocado's subtle flavor...
Now, there is Guacamole Salsa... that is another story :)

Sippity Sup said...

What makes David's Girlfriend'd Guac "Alleged". It's very similar to my version. You gotta have hot peppers in Guacamole I think!(and lots of garlic) GREG

Morta Di Fame said...

Greg - Its alleged because we have no idea how she made it and are guessing! LOL! We don't know her, never met her, she just gives David stuff who the serves it up at this potluck of sorts at Una Pizza After Hours.
Bea - thanks so much for the insight. I feared garlic was not in it, as it does take over. And serrano chiles, I can definitely find that around here. And tomatoes. I totally forgot about tomatoes but so many people put that in their guacamole.
So what is guacamole salsa? I think my friend Miguel makes it like that and its so good. His is a chilean version.

Thanks everyone!

Bea said...

Guacamole Salsa, is made blending peeled tomatillos, onion, cilantro, serrano chile, avocado, and salt, you can add a tsp lime juice, too. I love to put some cubed avocado on top of the salsa, and panela or queso fresco cheese (similar to mozzarella)... it is fresh and tangy :)

kathyb said...

oh man i loves me some gaucamole. add diced, seeded tomatoes and toasted roughly chopped macadamia nuts...and garlic, lots of garlic. yummy.

Jennie said...

Remember how picky Jimmy is? Well, that means the simplest guac ever - garlic, lime or lemon juice and a little salt & pepper! Booooring!

I like tomato's in my guac and have put salsa in it before too. Even when I made it myself without Jimmy, I don't use onions or cilantro! *gasp*

Now I'm hungry for GUAC!!! :)

Morta Di Fame said...

Wow - Kathy, macadamia nuts, now that sounds good.
Thanks Bea, I am going to definitely try the salsa, its sounds amazing!
Jennie- at least that Jim like garlic, or we would really have a problem!

Ben said...

I grew up in Mexico and I can tell you what we like in our guacamole: ripe mashed avocados, red onion, LOTS of cilantro and serrano, verde or jalapeno peppers, lime juice and salt. That is the basic recipe, but you can take it to many other levels from there. Some recipes add tomatoes or tomatillos. Others combine those ingredients with nopalitos to make one of the most delicious salsas ever! And I make a killer mango guacamole that is always a hit at parties. Here's the recipe:

adozeneggs said...

I'm pretty sure my recipe is close to Bea's.
I put chopped seeded tomato, onion, cilantro, lime juice, either serrano or jalapeno (believe it or not serrano is not always available here). And because I LOVE cumin, I put a little of that and then some salt.
I always mash the avocado with a fork then add all the other ingredients. I like it to still have some chunks of avocado.
Now when avocado is overripe does it taste a little like olive oil to anyone else. Not a good flavor for avocado.

Erik Dalzen said...

My lazy man's recipe is mash a couple of avocados with some pre-made salsa. However, I think it is time to abandon the lazy in me and try some of these recipes. I am going to start with Ben's mango guacamole.