Thursday, July 9, 2009


     Did I ever tell you I am obsessed with old men? Well, not in the dating sense just yet, more in a muse sense. It is a common theme in my personal portrait photography. Here is an awesome old man photo that Rocco posted on his blog. He posts a variety of photos on a daily basis but this one is so stand out. Sicilian Old Men are a super plus!

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Rocco Galatioto said...

This man, is an absolute genious when it comes to repair things. His name is Giovanni and he lives in the Pilato area of the country around Castellammare. My grandfather, Nonna's father, had land there and a "macasenu," sort of a storage building of sorts. It was all attached to the "bagghiu", a group of houses that were all around a common square and had a common entrance. The photo was taken inside a chapel, in the "bagghiu" that Giovanni and others restored. He had fond memories of my grandfather Giuseppe Bonomo, a very decent man. Actually, having lived with my grandmother, he should be canonized ASAP. The funny thing is that this photo was taken with just a point and shoot camera. Go figure.