Monday, July 13, 2009


    Finally a step in the right direction. Marion Nestle, author at Food Politics, has announced that Whole Foods is asking their private label brands to prove they are GMO-free. This is a great thing although it most likely means higher prices. Most agree that avoiding processed foods and eating fresh organic produce is the best way to ensure you avoid GMOs, but certain items, like wheat, rice, soy, corn and other staple items are usually loaded with GMOs since they are produced on such a mass level. Also, if you're a baker, you most likely use products like corn starch for your pies and cobblers, and these items come from the biggest GMO offender, corn! So it would be nice to know you can bake GMO-free. Let's take it a step further and make it mandatory by law to label food that has GMOs in it. Or lets just outlaw high fructose corn syrup and round up ready crops all together because that would probably take care of the whole problem! That would only happen if the FDA got out of bed with Monsanto, which is unlikely. So thanks Whole Foods, you are a rip off but you're doing more for improving the food industry than one hopeless blogger in New York could ever dream of. More of my criticisms on GMOs and lots of helpful links on how to avoid them: Have you taken your GMOs today?   

Links to articles about Whole Foods and GMO-free labeling:

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adozeneggs said...

If I was a better gardener I'd try to grow all my own veggies, but then we'd go hungry.
I try to never buy veggies and meat at the conventional supermarket. Unfortunately there is not one Whole Foods in all of VT. My nearest WF is in Hadley, MA (two hours away).
We have co-ops here, but if you think WF is pricey......these places charge $21 for a jar of almond butter!!!
Thanks for all the links!