Thursday, July 9, 2009


    After a long hike up to see the White Rocks, in Vermont's Okemo Mountain region, we were craving hamburgers and had some delicious local pastured beef waiting at home. We were missing the buns, so I went into A Dozen Eggs Bake Shop hoping to find some English Muffins.

    I didn't find any bread but did stumble upon lots of mouthwatering cupcakes. Mike and I had sworn off sweets that morning while gobbling down french toast drowned in maple syrup and after eating a quarter of Sassy Sweet Treats' Sour Cream Coffee Cake. But, who can turn down cupcakes? Especially gorgeous cupcakes like Laura, the cupcake lady behind A Dozen Eggs Bake Shop creates. 
    Driving by I was drawn by their adorable cupcake logo and the "am I in brooklyn?" well designed egg carton graphic. Their eye catching blue and chocolate color scheme was also pleasing. When I entered, aside from being mesmerized by all the goodies, I noticed some familiar artwork from Everyday Is a Holiday. It was Jenny and Aaron's signature "Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake" Poster, which I just adore! Visit their shop. Everything they do is amazing and this particular piece was just featured in a NY Times article Remixed Messages.
     After dragging in Mike to behold Jenny and Aaron's work, we chatted it up with Laura for a while and what a sweetheart she was. Originally from Cape Cod, she has worked in Fashion and as a Personal Chef in Boston. Laura and her husband finally moved to Vermont and started A Dozen Eggs with their signature Sugar Cookies, which are adorable and beautifully detailed. Since A Dozen Eggs has expanded to cupcakes and other goodies, like macaroons and meringues. 
     I was going to purchase one cupcake plus some coconut macaroons for Mike, but Laura Sweet Laura sent us home with a bunch of "samples" to taste for the blog. Wow! So after our burgers, we did a Cupcake Binge Test. I cut the cupcakes up into quarters and Mike and I scientifically devoured them, ranking them on things like deliciousness and deliciousness.
We had: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting (a favorite cake of mine in general), Maple with Maple Cream Frosting, Yellow Cake with Blueberry Filling and Lemon Cream Frosting, Yellow Cake with Raspberry Filling and Chocolate Frosting and finally Orange Sherbet, which was Mike's pick. 
     This concept of filling cupcakes with frosting is quite new to me and very exciting. I mean cupcakes on their own get me amped, as do Jelly Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts, so the surprise in the middle of these cupcakes was something else. It worked most successfully with the Raspberry Chocolate cupcake. The tart of the raspberry complimented the sweet very light buttery frosting well. I don't think I could fairly judge the filled cupcakes after I cut them in quarters because its that gooey surprise bite thats really effective. I was expecting something different from the Blueberry. I think the frosting was a bit sweet. And, in general I am severely against Orange Sherbet, but Mike enjoyed that one fully. Laura got the idea for the Orange Sherbet from her dad, who described her cupcakes as "orange and a half," and he was right. I could definitely appreciate its likeness to orange sherbet. Laura knows how to mix and match flavors and she apparently experiments with her cupcakes a lot. 
    Next was the Red Velvet, which I was very satisfied with, especially since most bakeries let me down in the Red Velvet department. Laura's was perfectly moist with that signature Red Velvet crumble and the Cream Cheese Frosting was just right, not too sweet and nice and soft, not stiff. I also loved the red sprinkles and blueberry garnish.
    This leaves me with the last and my favorite cupcake, the Maple with Maple Cream Frosting. In the spirit of being in Vermont, this cupcake was my first choice and a good choice it was. Again, Laura is on when it comes to bringing out flavors in baked goods. This moist cupcake was buttery and had a nice hint of maple syrup. And the frosting was perfect to boot, not to sweet and a nice smooth texture. 
    Where most cupcakeries fail is with their frosting, but not at A Dozen Eggs. A lot of people complain first that there is too much frosting. A Dozen Eggs cupcakes were on the heavier side in terms of frosting quantity, but Laura decorates them so beautifully and her frosting is so good that I say pile it on. Quality and quantity sounds like a good idea. So good, because it tastes buttery and not overly sweet or stiff. This girl knows her frosting. 
    It was difficult, but I was happy we saved the cupcake halves, first because it would have been so outrageous to eat 5 cupcakes between the two of us plus the macaroons, which were incredibly delicious. And it lefts us cupcakes to feast upon during the ride home. Even the next day these cupcakes rocked. 
    So if you're in Mt. Holly Vermont, be sure to stop into A Dozen Eggs for some Sugar Cookies and some cupcakes and to meet Laura. And visit A Dozen Eggs' Blog to get the latest info on this delicious bake shop.


Rocco Galatioto said...

Love those Red Sox cookies. You should have gotten one for Josef.

adozeneggs said...

Thanks so much for the great post!!
So glad that you enjoyed all the cupcakes.
And I can send Red Sox cookies ANY TIME!! (as well as Yankees, if you really want some)

Morta Di Fame said...

My brother is an avid Yankee fan so I might take you up on that offer. And if I am mad at him I can send him the Red Sox ones...LOL!

Cindy said...

A nice write-up on one of the nicest bloggers around!

adozeneggs said...

Thanks Cindy, glad to see ONE of the 36 clicks from a Dozen Eggs blog left a comment!!!

Purple Flowers said...

Hi Laura - Thanks for stopping by my blog. Re: your lilac bush, just know ours didn't do well this past June, probably from all the rain.
Seems like your cupcakes are really making a hit. That's great!